Nuclear Power


NuGen's Mission: Develop an Innovative Fully Integrated Modular Nuclear Engine

  • The NuGen Engine™ is a fully integrated direct-cycle small modular reactor.  Due to its compact configuration and broad potential uses, we call it the NuGen Engine™.  NuGen has received four US patents on its concept.
  • Its patented revolutionary spiral fuel core results in a shorter fuel core and higher efficiency.  The fuel core and other components are fully integrated and enclosed in a single module.
  • With its integrated simple configuration, the NuGen Engine™ offers superior scalability, adaptability, manufacturability and versatility.
  • As a small gas-cooled reactor, it is viewed as intrinsically safe.  Its simple configuration and encapsulated fuel increase its level of safety.
  • It would be highly deployable in various sectors and offer electricity, process heat, cogeneration and direct mechanical energy.