• The NuGen Engine™ is a fully integrated direct-cycle small modular reactor on which a patent is pending.  It offers exceptional simplicity, safety and versatility. Its unique modularity assures factory manufacture and fueling. It would be highly deployable in various sectors and offer electricity, process heat, cogeneration and direct mechanical energy.  The concept eliminates the wasteful steam-engine type conversion of nuclear energy to thermal energy to generate electricity and eliminates the primary piping and secondary loop commonly used in reactors.
  • Information about the NuGen Engine™ was first presented at the Advanced Reactors Technical Summit V (www.arsummit.org) in February 2018, where it was well received. The next presentation of the NuGen Engine™ was in Houston in November 2018 at SpaceCom2018 (https://spacecomexpo.com/) where NuGen’s founder discussed the remote energy generation capability of the NuGen Engine™ for both space and on our planet at remote locations and for military and commercial purposes.  The discussions during and after the conference validated the need and markets for the NuGen Engine™.


Nuclear Power


NuGen's Mission: Develop an Innovative Fully Integrated Modular Nuclear Engine